Guest Gallery: Sara Sato

Among the wonderful park visitors who stopped to look at the Burrowing Owl in Perch B while it was here was Sara Sato. She arrived on a well-equipped bicycle and had a good camera, and knew how to use it. Here is a gallery of her recent images taken in and around Cesar Chavez Park. I appreciate the sharpness, the good composition of the birds, and the vivid colors. I especially like the shot of the Clark’s Grebe with a fish in its bill. That’s a rare catch for the photographer, probably more rare than for the bird. The Red-tailed Hawk, photographed on the Virginia Street Extension, has bands on its legs, indicating it’s registered with the US Geological Survey. The bands aren’t legible in this photo, but it’s clear that this is not the same banded Red-tail that we saw here in September last year, and earlier.

The cover photo is a collection of broken mussel and clam shells that Sara found on the paved path. The local Crows had pried these creatures loose from the rocks at low tide, taken them up in the air, and dropped them to break them open and eat them. Gulls have been known to do the same thing. Thank you for these nice photos, Sara!

Crow Handiwork

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  • Stellar photos! Thank you.

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