Green Parakeet

Green Parakeet (Psittacara holochlorus in Cesar Chavez Park. Photo by Karen Storey.

Park visitor Karen Storey was walking on the path in the northwest corner of the park yesterday evening and saw this green parakeet in a bush.

To my knowledge that’s the first of its kind that has ever been seen in the park. They make their home in subtropical and tropical habitats of Mexico and Central America. Cage birds that have escaped or been released have established feral populations in southern Texas. According to, “escaped individuals may be seen free-flying in practically any warm climate on occasion.”

Karen asks, what are its chances of survival? It’s well known that one species of parrots have established themselves in San Francisco. But according to, the much smaller budgies bred and raised in captivity don’t have the strength, the skills, or the experience to feed and protect themselves in the wild. The bird’s best chance, says that source, is to be found and captured by a human who will take good care of it.

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