Great Yellow Legs

Greater Yellowlegs

The minus .07 low tide Friday afternoon brought out several kinds of birds who make their living by pecking for edibles in the mud.  One of the creatures well equipped for this job is this Greater Yellowlegs.  These birds, like most others found in the North Basin this time of year, spend the summer in Canada, where they breed, and come down here for our mild winters.  

The Cornell bird lab website, usually a fount of cool facts about a bird, has only this single item of information about these birds:

“Although the Greater Yellowlegs is common and widespread, its low densities and tendency to breed in inhospitable, mosquito-ridden muskegs make it one of the least-studied shorebirds on the continent.”

I didn’t know what a muskeg was, so I looked it up in Wikipedia.  It’s a Canadian term for bog.  You can read more about it here.

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