Great Heron, Egret in Park

Great Blue Heron on a south side slope
Great Egret, north side of park

Herons and egrets seemed to have taken a holiday from the park this past week or two.  Today they were back.  A sizeable, mature Great Blue Heron stood still like a statue on a slope near the southern edge of the park, probably listening for the rustle of burrowing feet under the ground. 

On the north side of the park, a Great Egret paced softly and deliberately with prey on its mind. 

I took a short video, below. 

Note how well it balances on one leg when it hesitates half into a step with the other leg.

While I was watching, neither of them had any luck as hunters.  They both were quite successful as magnets for human eyeballs.  It’s hard to ignore these birds, and the experience of walking within a few feet of them is quite special, especially for children and childlike grownups.  


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