Great Blue Heron returns

After an absence of many months, a Great Blue Heron visited the park Saturday 4/25.  This was a different individual from the one I photographed in 2011 and 2012, but it seemed perfectly familiar with the territory and its offerings.  As the video shows, its hunt for a breakfast gopher was successful.  After pausing a few minutes to clear its throat and digest, it walked off in search of seconds, but without success as far as I saw.  The bird showed little fear of people provided they kept a certain distance.  At one point it walked down a path directly toward a group of people who were watching it in fascination.  A couple of girls, kindergarten age, overheard an adult saying “Egret” and shouted “Egret, egret!” at the approaching bird.  When I pointed out it was a Great Blue Heron, they chanted “Great Blue Heron” as if cheering on an athlete in a competition.  Said one grownup, “Girls, it’s not a baseball game!”  The bird, quite a bit taller than the girls, ignored the spectacle and ambled off.  It was a memorable nature side show for participants in the BAHIA fundraiser.

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