Good Enough for Berkeley

After six days unusable with a broken door (flashback), the ADA porta-potty in the park opposite the hotel finally got repaired. 

Sort of.  If you don’t look too close.  The repair person slapped on four hinges, none of them new, with rivets.  Some hinges got four rivets, some got three, so that the door is hanging there by just one rivet.  Since the holes in the fiberglass where the old hinges were mounted are mostly torn out too big to hold rivets, the replacement hinges had to go higher or lower.  (God forbid, replace the unit!) 

In the process, the door somehow went a teensy bit out of vertical alignment and now hangs with a gap of two to three inches at the top.

The overall message is cheap, shoddy work.  And that’s just on the outside.  Don’t even look inside.  Rusty railings and graffiti everywhere. 

What amazes me is that the company that provides this kind of crap service puts its name on the product.  But I guess they know their customer.  No matter how bad, it’s good enough for Boss Ferris, who runs the City of Berkeley Parks and Waterfront Department.

For more on the story of this particular porta-potty set, look here and here.  For the whole background story on restrooms in the park, click here.  

ADA Porta-potty door repair job by United Services: Hinges
Door out of vertical alignment with gap at top


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