Goldeneggs (Taraxia ovata)

This lovely native wildflower has come back. I delighted in discovering it last spring, see this post. Now it’s back, a little earlier, just as lovely. It’s said to have a deep tap root and to be happy in clay soils.

Taraxia ovata is also known as Camissonia ovata or Oenothera ovata. Its other common name is sun cup. There’s still very little written about it, but unlike last year, it’s now available in a local native nursery. East Bay Wilds in Oakland lists it as in stock. I’m surprised it isn’t more widely available in the nursery trade. I mean, almost every garden has to deal with clay soils. Why not plant something that’s very pretty, reliable year after year, and loves clay soils?

One source says that ants like to carry the seeds of this plant and bury them, and that’s how it spreads. There must not be any ants up where this plant is growing, as it’s standing all by its lonely.

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