Golden Female

Common Goldeneye female (Bucephala clangula)

Earlier I noted a Common Goldeneye male arriving at the park. I’ve seen that bird several times since, hanging out with Ruddy Ducks and Scaup. I hadn’t seen a female. Then I spotted this bird dabbling busily at the water’s edge along the Virginia Street Extension. I wasn’t sure what it was, and thought maybe it was a juvenile male, but checking the photos on the web convinced me that this had to be a female. Females normally have a light spot at the tip of their beak, but that’s not visible under the mud. She looks very well fed — see how broad she is in the beam. Have she and the male found one another? Is there a Cupid for ducks?

Common Goldeneye female (Bucephala clangula)
Common Goldeneye female (Bucephala clangula)

More about these Goldeneye: Wikipedia Cornell Audubon In Chavez Park

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