Golden Breeder

Not even a week had gone by since I saw a Golden-crowned Sparrow in non-breeding mode, with a fuzzy rusty crown, when I saw another bird of the same kind in full breeding dress in the same place. I don’t think that a bird could change its head feathers so quickly, so I have to assume that this is a different individual. When I first saw this kind of sparrow with a yellow streak in the front of the head and a white streak in the back, a couple of years ago, I thought it must be a hybrid between the Golden-crowned and the White-crowned sparrows. However, smarter birders than I soon disabused me of that notion. The yellow/white head streak is characteristic of the Golden-crowned Sparrow in breeding mode. There you have it. This individual, in the short film clip below, seemed to have no trouble finding things to eat around the path on the north side, alongside the fennel forest, with the tweeting of Red-winged Blackbirds punctuating the sound track.

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