Fun Time at Bay Festival

More than 50 people of all ages, but mostly young, visited the booth at the annual Bay Festival in Shorebird Park today.  The draw was a “Name the Animals” game, where players had to match eight labels with the pictures of eight animals seen at the park: American Coot, White-Crowned Sparrow, Ground Squirrel, Great Blue Heron, Western Fence Lizard, Red-tailed Hawk, Red-winged Blackbird, and Black-tailed Jackrabbit.  

It was great to see how good the young people were at recognizing these creatures.  One boy was still too young to read the labels but when told the names, readily pointed to the correct picture.  We’ve got some budding naturalists here, for sure.

Many thanks to Anthony DeCicco, chief organizer, and to staff members and volunteers who helped with logistics and setup.  Their careful preparation and attention to detail made the experience a pleasant one.  And the weather was perfect for a festival: not a cloud in the sky, and not a gust of breeze. 

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