Free pass for fisherpeople at the park!

Fishing at dusk in Cesar Chavez Park, where the law requires a license

Today’s news brings the announcement that the Berkeley Municipal Pier has been closed indefinitely due to structural problems.  Dozens of fishermen and fisherwomen (and fisherkids also) will be displaced from the popular spot that requires no fishing license.

Fishing from Cesar Chavez Park is bound to become Plan B for many of the displaced angling enthusiasts.  Legally, fishing in the Park requires a fishing license.  That rule hasn’t been vigorously enforced — in fact, practically nothing at the Park is ever vigorously enforced.  But still, the displaced fisherpeople from the Municipal Pier shouldn’t have to cast their lines at the Park under the shadow of illegality.

The City Council, or whoever has jurisdiction over the fishing license rule, should promptly issue a declaration waiving the fishing license requirement for Cesar Chavez Park for the duration of the Muni pier shutdown.

Welcome fisherpeople to Cesar Chavez Park!


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