Fourth Day

Location of First Owl
Second Owl much more relaxed than yesterday

On the fourth day, in the early morning light, both Burrowing Owls were still present and in the same spots as when first seen on Tuesday.

The first owl is visible only from the Open Circle Viewpoint. Even there, it’s not an easy bird to spot. I’ve posted the photo above, with the small white circle, to help you find the owl. This bird’s position is tucked away under an awning of dried flowers, reasonably safe from overhead attack, and not a target of passing human or canine traffic.

The second owl, plainly visible in the central circle of the seasonal Burrowing Owl Sanctuary, seems more relaxed than yesterday. It glanced at me and my big black camera on tripod with little interest, eyes half closed, and mostly ignored park visitors passing by. This bird has got accustomed to the human traffic in close proximity to its roost. I am feeling very cautiously optimistic that it will stay a while.

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2 thoughts on “Fourth Day

  • Love it! Somehow their faces seem so expressive….thank you!

  • I looked hard for both owls today, around noon. Now I realize I was looking in the wrong places. Yesterday I did find the owl at the Bulb in the Owl enclosure. Any idea if owls have returned to Pt Isabel?!

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