Foresters at Work

The forested grove on the west side of the park, planted in the early 1980s by the DAWN nonprofit (Design Associates Working With Nature), has not had much in the way of maintenance. Among other issues, this major tree fell, probably years ago, across one of the footpaths that follow the contours. Here is what it looked like in March 2018:

Portion of forested grove on 3/4/18

This spring, a Parks forestry crew went to work to clean it up. Here’s a view of the same spot as of April 8, 2019:

Same portion of forested grove on 4/8/19

It’s not maybe the Garden of Eden, but it’s an improvement. The workers stacked the cut pieces in four piles along the path just south of the forested area. These piles look a bit like an invitation to a camp fire, but if they’re not disturbed they’ll make fine habitat for various little creatures.

Cut pieces of fallen tree stacked along path south of forested area

It’s encouraging to see Parks management pay some attention to the Native Plant Area. It has developed into a pocket wilderness with a zany profusion of different plants growing there. That’s OK. It’s actually wonderful. What would be even more wonderful — I know this sounds utopian given the park’s history — would be some built gravel trails through this area. It’s a lovely spot, but not so many people enjoy it because its wildness is a bit scary to some.

Aside from its wildness now, it’s the most park-like section of the park. Except for the safety hazards, the wildness, and the fire danger, his is what a real park should look like. I’d love to see more trees and tall shrubs planted in other areas.

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