Foggy Morn

The heaviest fog of the year settled on the park and much of Berkeley this morning. From the park entrance at the corner of Marina Boulevard and Spinnaker Way you couldn’t see as far as the first picnic area. The North Basin lay socked in with no clue except for freeway rumble that there was a city on the other side. If the Burrowing Owl had chosen Perch A this morning, no telephoto lens would have been able to dig it out of the haze. Luckily, the owl chose Perch B, where photographer Keenan Quan captured its image and is sharing it with readers of He has a great shot of the owl yawning, another of the owl seeming to frown, and a third of the owl scanning straight up in the sky. Thank you Keenan!

Burrowing Owl (Athene cunicularia) Jan 28 2023 Keenan Quan photo

Views of the park in the morning fog:

Burrowing Owl Jan 28 2023 in Perch A at 4:15 pm

P.S. I happened to be in the park a second time around 4 pm and the Burrowing Owl had moved from Perch B to Perch A.

We’ve had at least a couple of days when the owl has moved from A to B. This is the first time to my knowledge that the bird has moved the other way during the day.

When I saw it in the afternoon in Perch A the bird was taking a nap. Both eyes shut, very occasionally turning its head and peeking out a bit.

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  • That yawn photo is the best! Great shot, Keenan! Thanks to both of you.

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