Fixing the Fence

The orange plastic construction fence that the rip-rap rehab contractor put up in July was needing some work. A few posts were down, others shaky. The plastic was ripped in quite a few places. All in all, it gave a strong impression of a neglected park.

Photographer Phil Rowntree, whose work has appeared in these pages several times, joined me Thursday morning for a short fence repair project.
With about $5 in cable ties and a few whacks from a hammer, we managed to straighten the fence, suture its rips, and make it look not exactly great, but better. As the video shows, it didn’t take long (:-).

What do we need the fence for, asked a passerby. To protect the native wildflower seeds that we plan to plant behind the fence on October 26 as part of Weed&Seed Day, hopefully with the help of Berkeley Projects. If all goes to plan, by January we’ll see the start of a lovely wildflower display next to the new rip-rap on the southeast shore of the park.

For the record, this is what the fence looked like before we set out to make repairs:

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