Fixing a Rusted-out Memorial Bench

The memorial bench for Frank Clark located in the northwest corner of the park rusted out and collapsed last week.  Video shows a Parks Department maintenance staff member working to replace it.  He’s having to dig out and replace the concrete foundation under each side of the bench because these old benches had the steel legs of the circular side frame buried directly in the concrete.  The newer models have a flat base under the circular steel frame and can be attached to the concrete foundation with a couple of bolts.  Replacing them means only cracking the nuts loose. 

A Parks source says that the $3400 fee that a donor pays the City for a memorial bench covers all upkeep and replacement, if necessary, for ten years.  After that, if the bench needs replacement, the same donor can renew it, or it becomes available for another donor.  If no donor appears, the City may put in a blank undedicated bench, or nothing.  

P.S. March 17:  I should have titled this post, “Removing” instead of “Fixing.”  Apparently the estate of Frank Clark didn’t step forward to replace the bench.  The spot where the bench stood is now neatly patched over and empty.  

Rusted-out steel side frame of Clark bench
Memorial plaque on bench for Frank Clark, photo dated 12/28/14
Old style: bench legs buried in concrete
New style: bench legs bolted down

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