Finches in Fennel

House Finches M and F

No, “Finches in Fennel” is not the name of a Mediterranean recipe.

These finches flew about in flocks of dozens this morning.  They rarely settled for long. When they did settle they took flight at the slightest human presence nearby.  I was lucky to get these shots, partly because I was concealed in thick fennel, and partly because I was far away.  That last part explains why some of the images aren’t as sharp as I would like.  Still, they provide a more intimate view than the park visitor will ever get with the naked eye.

The history of these finches has been told before.  It’s good news that none of the finches I saw this morning appeared to suffer from the eye disease that can blind them.

An odd observation: all these finches perched on last year’s fennel twigs, now brown and dry.  I wonder why.

Among these finches, the males have the color, and the females are plain.  In the groups I photographed this morning, it looked like M-F pairs had formed.  Might just be a coincidence.

House Finches


House Finch


House Finch M and F

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