Finally, Forster’s Tern

If you walk along the North Basin (east side of the park) early in the morning or late in the afternoon, you can’t help seeing these birds darting as quickly as swallows over the water, suddenly plunging in to take a bite, then taking off again without a moment’s rest.  They’re Forster’s Terns.  But seeing them is one thing and photographing them is another.  Unlike Pelicans, which soar in flight at a reasonable speed and float a bit after a catch before resuming flight, these smaller birds are feathered little rockets.  I got lucky the other afternoon not long before sunset when the sloping rays lit them up and their flight path came close to the walking path.  To see a really glorious photo of one of these birds, go to the Audubon website.  My snapshots aren’t in the same league, but they’ll give you the general idea, so that next time you see one you can identify it well enough.  

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