Feeding the Crows

Birdseed left within a few feet of faded sign prohibiting feeding wildlife

This mess of birdseed on the ground represented one park visitor’s idea of kindness to wildlife, no doubt.  It lay within a few feet of one of the Parks administration’s signs on the pavement advising people that feeding wildlife is against the law. But the sign, installed in 2015 as an oh-so-clever idea, has long since faded and become illegible, an icon of the Parks administration’s enduring incompetence when it comes to signage. 

The legal prohibition against feeding mainly looked at the ground squirrels.  Humans feeding them promoted overpopulation and disease.  Squirrels love bird seed, as any backyard bird feeder owner knows.  In this particular spot, on the paved path on the south side of the park, next to Spinnaker Way, there are not many squirrels.  The main beneficiaries of this ill-considered donation were the Crows, who were busy pecking it up when I came along with my camera and disturbed them.  Within moments of my moving on, they were back at it. 

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