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The Meadow Owl

A video dedicated to the Burrowing Owl that dwelt in the meadow of the northside nature area from December 2019 to March 17 2020. Length 6:23.

The Owls Came Back

A 24-minute documentary film about the Burrowing Owls that visited Chavez Park in the winter of 2018-2019. Introduction.

An ABC of Birds

Each of 52 bird species gets about ten seconds in this video. Species are arranged from Avocet to Yellowlegs. Each has been filmed in, on, or around the North Basin in the past few years. The video may refresh park visitors’ powers to recognize what they see on a bird walk. Comment.

Windy Afternoon

A short celebration of the prevailing westerly breeze. Commentary.

The Off-Leash Movie (I)

Most dog owners obey the dog law: dogs must be on leash everywhere in the 90 acres except in the 17-acre dog park. But some owners don’t get it. Commentary.

Pelicans in Slow Motion

A short video showing three Brown Pelicans taking off, in flight, and diving. Commentary.

Rip-Rap Rehab

In the summer of 2019, Parks management added fresh rocks to reinforce the southeastern shoreline of the park. View text and videos from four days of construction separately: Commentary Day One, Day 2, More, More. Or view the four day videos combined into one:

Supermoon Rising

Not since 1905 and not again until 2044 does the full moon rise on the Vernal Equinox. It happened on March 20 2019. Commentary.

Amazing Solstice

It looked like rain and overcast, but at the last moment the skies opened and revealed a dramatic sunset paired with a rising full moon. Commentary.

North Basin: The Video

A 15-minute survey of the birds that visit or reside in the North Basin, the cove that lies between the park and the Berkeley mainland. With commentary.

I’m a Coot and I’m Misunderstood

Many people think that Coots are ducks. In this humorous video a Coot speaks and sets the record straight. Commentary

Happy Kite Fest

A two-minute video about the annual Kite Fest in Chavez Park in 2018. Commentary.

The Porta-Potty Movie

The start of an unfinished feature about the porta-potties that have disgraced the park for 30 years, and how today’s park visitors feel about them. Commentary.

New Flare Station

The original flare station installed in 1989 proved too large to handle the diminished volumes of landfill gas generated under the park’s surface, and in 2016 the City replaced it with a new, smaller model.

Flare Station Demolition, Day One. Commentary.

Flare Station Demolition, Day Two. Commentary

Time lapse movie:

Normal speed movie:

Injured Whirlybird Hauled Off

A Coast Guard helicopter experienced technical failure in May 2017 and made an emergency landing in the park. The crew disassembled the craft and hauled it away. Commentary.

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