Low Tide at Year’s End and King Tide on New Year’s Day

The turn of the year happened to coincide with extremes in the tide table on this coast. On New Year’s Eve shortly after 4 pm the tide dropped to minus 1.2 feet, and the next morning at shortly before 10 it rose to 7.2 feet, a swing of more than 8 feet overnight.

The video above shows a panorama of the North Basin at low tide, exposing stretches of mud, with a few of the birds at work in it, mainly Willets and Snowy Egrets. A little flock of American Wigeons dabbled in the shallows just beyond the mud. The next morning, the tide flooded through the break in the seawall that has gone without repair for more than a decade. It would take the City an hour to plug it, but it isn’t high on anybody’s to do list. The tide carried a mess of loose logs and other debris. A male Scaup seized the occasion to roost on a rock at the high water’s edge for a preen session. A king-size Great Blue Heron perched on the Open Circle Viewpoint and surveyed the scene.

Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias)

And P.S.: Today is the second monthiversary for the two Burrowing Owls. As of this morning both were in their customary spots and park visitors were able to see them. Binoculars and a person to show the spot were a big help to see the First Owl. No optics or spotter required to see the Second Owl. Portraits below:

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  • Great picture of a spectacular Great Blue Heron. what a grand pose.

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