Early Blue

Ceanothus on south side of Native Plant Area, January 26 2022

Several of the Ceanothus at various spots in the park started blooming in late January. This blue variety has pushed up some vigorous and healthy looking flower heads even though its upper branches seem entombed by moss and some branches are clearly dead. This is a very old plant, probably one of the original plantings in the early 1980s. Its trunk leans at a steep angle, almost horizontally, to get out from under the stifling umbrella of an Australian Acacia tree that was probably planted later but grew faster. Chavez Park Conservancy volunteers helped the native Ceanothus a bit last fall by trimming back the Acacia. The Ceanothus still faces an uphill struggle to survive. But, as these flowers show, it isn’t dead yet. Some of the other Ceanothus in the park are past their 25-30 year life expectancy and need to be replaced.

This one grows near the southern access to the Native Plant Area. Read more about the issues surrounding this Ceanothus and Acacia in the post “Blue and Yellow,” April 6 2021.

Ceanothus on south side of Native Plant Area, January 26 2022

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