Consolation for No Owls

I’ve been searching for Burrowing Owls in their usual haunts almost daily — sometimes twice daily — since the beginning of the month, so far without success. They’re late to the park this year, as are almost all the usual migrating birds that visit the North Basin. I’ve had at least a dozen other park visitors stop me and ask where the owls are. The best I’ve been able to do is to hand them my Chavez Park Conservancy business card and ask them to phone or text me at 510-717-2414 if they see one, and meanwhile to watch the owl movie.

While scanning for owls this morning, I did see some other inhabitants of the intended Burrowing Owl sanctuary: ground squirrels, Rock Pigeons, American Coots, and as always a gull. Here’s a short video, paltry consolation for no owls, but wildlife nonetheless:

Ground Squirrels — often mistaken for Burrowing Owls
Rock Piegeons
American Coots
Gull, probably Western (?)

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