Conservancy Membership

When you become a Conservancy Member, you are entering and helping to grow a community of people who love Cesar Chavez Park, all ninety acres of it.

Conservancy membership costs no money. It doesn’t require extra time and effort. What membership means is an attitude of stewardship for the park. It’s a change in consciousness, from passive user to active lover. Where that enhanced consciousness takes you is up to you. It’s unpredictable and depends on the circumstances.

There’s a signup form that asks some basic information. You register with your real name, but you can use a pseudonym visible to other members. Conservancy Members belong to an independent local social network that lets you post your thoughts, connect with other users, and have conversations. There are no ads or other headaches. To access the network after you register, use the “Login” buttons on the top or right sidebar menus.

Members will from time to time receive notifications of opportunities, events and issues of concern to Conservancy Members. You will get periodic financial reports. If some Conservancy activity or project requires money, you may be asked to donate, but obviously that’s completely up to you.

If you do want to donate, go to the Network for Good page for Berkeley Parners for Parks (BPFP). BPFP is the financial sponsor of the Conservancy; it has a 501(c)(3) tax exemption, so your donations are tax-free. Be absolutely sure that you enter “CHAVEZ PARK CONSERVANCY” into the “Designation” field. Thank you.

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