Conservancy Coming 9/2

On Labor Day, Sept. 2, this website will become the voice of the Chavez Park Conservancy. The Conservancy is a nonprofit all-volunteer organization dedicated to the preservation and improvement of Cesar Chavez Park, all 90 acres of it. The redesigned website will carry details of the Conservancy’s vision and major areas of concern.

The Conservancy will be a membership organization. Everyone who resonates with its vision and loves the park is invited to become a Conservancy Member. There is no cost to join. Members will enjoy an online community, a social network like a simplified Facebook without ads and other intrusions.

The website will continue to serve as an online magazine, a blog, covering birds, plants, people, other creatures, events, and issues that make this park into a vibrant outdoor experience.

By way of a preview, you can now download the inaugural issue of the Conservancy’s 8-page print newsletter in PDF format, here.

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