Congratulations on Getting It Done

It took ten months, but the Parks Department finally got it done.  I mean the leak in the irrigation pipe near the western porta-potties.  Parks began the job in May 2017, and then walked away from it, leaving a dogleg-shaped hole only partly covered by a sheet of plywood, with a pair of plastic barriers on top.  It stayed like that month after month with only a tarp thrown over it for a while; you can track the job on this website.  Earlier this month (March 2018) a Parks source promised that it would be finished before April, and so it was.  Parks staff members Brian and Kevin (and possibly others I didn’t see) went to work on it, and as of yesterday the hole is filled with dirt and the barriers are gone.  By next year the grass will cover the patch of bare dirt and no traces will remain.  Congratulations, Parks management and Brian and Kevin.

Site of Landfill Gas Extraction Well EW6, in photo taken May 30 2017.

But there’s one question here.  This water leak was located within a few feet of a landfill gas extraction well, EW6.  It’s shown in blue in this photo, just above, along with the spray painted blue legend on the pavement that identifies it.  The landfill gas system is a whole different set of pipes from the water supply system(s).  But the repair to the water pipes appears to have wiped out the landfill gas extraction well, or at least the concrete utility boxes that give access to the valves at the top of the gas pipe.  EW6 appears to be gone.  Is that because there has been so little gas at this location that the well is no longer productive?  Or is this a screwup?  Curious minds want to know.


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