Chavez Park Videos

Videos included in this website from March 2015 to date are listed in this table. The list includes all wildlife videos — Birds, Fish, Herps, Mammals — and selected others (Astronomy, Issues, Management, Weather).

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BirdsBuffleheadFlocks of more than a dozen in distance0:47View2019-11-02
BirdsDouble-crested CormorantsMore than a dozen swimming and diving in formation0:54View2019-10-31
BirdsRuddy DuckCruising solo0:20View2019-10-30
IssuesOff-leash dogsTwo dogs cross fence, invade Burrowing Owl Sanctuary1:21View2019-10-29
BirdsClark's GrebeCruising0:28View2019-10-28
BirdsGreat EgretStalking, walking1:00View2019-10-25
Birds, MammalsGround squirrel, Rock Pigeon, American Coot, Western GullOn rocks 0:43View2019-10-23
BirdsSnowy EgretMotionless, stalking0:15View2019-10-20
BirdsAmerican CootSix swimming in group0:21View2019-10-19
MammalsHarbor SealHolds and then apparently loses big fish2:02View2019-10-18
BirdsHouse FinchFemale feeding on fennel0:22View2019-10-15
BirdsHorned GrebeCatches eel-like fish0:46View2019-10-12
BirdsRed-winged BlackbirdMales displaying on fennel branches0:48View2019-10-11
BirdsAmerican CrowCawing on pole0:38View2019-10-09
MammalsGround SquirrelDigging and feeding0:56View2019-10-07
IssuesOff-leash dogsDog invading Burrowing Owl sanctuary0:25View2019-10-07
BirdsHorned GrebeOn water, showing red eyes0:09View2019-10-05
BirdsWilletFeeding, dipping head under water0:55View2019-10-05
BirdsBlack OystercatcherFeeding on rocks0:48View2019-10-03
BirdsHorned GrebeFour in winter plumage swimming and preening0:49View2019-09-29
IssuesMaintenanceRepairing torn construction fence, timelapse 0:13View2019-09-27
BirdsSpotted SandpiperFeeding on rocks at low tide0:52View2019-09-26
BirdsHouse FinchMale preening 0:56View2019-09-24
BirdsRed-tailed HawkHovering in wind0:38View2019-09-22
BirdsWilletWillets feeding on seaweed1:14View2019-09-18
BirdsBlack TurnstonesScavenging, feeding0:54View2019-09-14
BirdsAmerican CootPreening, feeding on seaweed0:57View2019-09-12
BirdsSurf ScoterBird flapping wings, showing possible injury0:59View2019-09-11
BirdsGreat Blue HeronStanding at water's edge immobile0:24View2019-09-10
MammalsGround SquirrelChewing food0:49View2019-09-09
Birds52 speciesSpecies seen in and around North Basin in alphabetical order by common name. Feature.9:06View2019-09-08
BirdsSurf ScoterLone male Surf Scoter paddling in North Basin0:56View2019-08-31
IssuesMaintenance5-second time lapse of picking up trash in forested grove0:05View2019-08-29
BirdsBurrowing Owl24-minute feature documentary on Burrowing Owls in 2018-19 season23:55View2019-08-10
BirdsHouse FinchFeeding in gravel; background music0:49View2019-07-31
BirdsNorthern MockingbirdsSinging in treetop3:55View2019-07-28
BirdsHouse FinchSmall flocks in bushes0:22View2019-07-25
PeopleMusician with guitar in woodsPlays various bits1:33View2019-07-21
MammalsGround SquirrelEats seed pod of wild radish0:17View2019-07-11
BirdsSong SparrowBird sings0:20View2019-07-09
BirdsCalifornia TowheeBird sings0:22View2019-07-07
BirdsMallardWalks, shows speculum0:47View2019-07-04
BirdsMourning DovePerches0:44View2019-06-29
BirdsLesser GoldfinchBird perches0:19View2019-06-27
BirdsBlack PhoebeBird perches, preens1:05View2019-06-26
BirdsSong SparrowBird sings0:48View2019-06-20
BirdsHouse FinchBird sings0:20View2019-06-19
MammalsHarbor SealSeal surfaces, dives0:30View2019-06-15
BirdsClark's GrebeCruising on North Basin0:27View2019-06-12
ViewsWindVegetation bending under wind; background music1:01View2019-06-11
BirdsEuropean StarlingHatchlings and adult birds0:50View2019-06-09
ManagementPavement repair on Spinnaker WayWorkers and equipment0:43View2019-06-07
ManagementRip-rap repair on southeast sideConstruction workers and heavy equipment2:14View2019-06-06
BirdsRufous HummingbirdBird perches, preens0:46View2019-06-05
BirdsAsh-throated FlycatcherBird perches, flies off0:35View2019-06-04
ManagementRip-rap repair on southeast sideConstruction workers and heavy equipment1:46View2019-06-03
BirdsSong SparrowBird song0:53View2019-06-02
BirdsCalifornia TowheeBird song 0:24View2019-06-01
ManagementRip-rap repair on southeast sideConstruction workers and heavy equipment1:17View2019-05-30
ManagementRip-rap repair on southeast sideConstruction workers and heavy equipment3:32View2019-05-29
Park ArtPeace SymbolVolunteers restore symbol; time lapse video0:15View2019-05-27
HerpsGopher Snakemoving to shelter0:23View2019-05-26
BirdsRed-winged BlackbirdFemale displaying0:24View2019-05-23
ViewsNorth Basin at low tideExposed mud without birds0:31View2019-05-22
HerpsWestern Fence LizardLizard basking1:00View2019-05-20
BirdsGreat EgretBird stalks, catches small fish0:30View2019-05-15
BirdsHouse FinchPair of finches nesting0:46View2019-05-12
BirdsNorthern MockingbirdBird sings from treetop2:54Video2019-05-07
BirdsWhite-tailed KiteWhite-tailed Kite chick under crow attack2:02View2019-05-05
BirdsWhite-tailed KiteWhite-tailed Kite chick solo in treetop nest0:49View2019-05-05
BirdsWhite-tailed KiteWhite-tailed Kite chick pair in treetop nest1:57View2019-05-03
BirdsHouse FinchHouse Finch pair nesting0:46View2019-05-03
BirdsWhite-tailed KiteWhite-tailed Kite chick helpless on ground2:45View2019-04-30
HerpsWestern Fence LizardLizard emerging from hibernation0:44View2019-04-28
BirdsGreater ScaupScaup assembling, resting prior to migration north0:34View2019-04-27
BirdsRed-winged BlackbirdRed-winged Blackbirds nesting in tall vegetation0:32View2019-04-27
BirdsSavannah SparrowSparrow nesting in tall grasses1:38View2019-04-25
BirdsGolden-crowned SparrowSparrow in breeding plumage1:00View2019-04-16
BirdsDouble-crested CormorantsCormorants in breeding plumage showing crests1:32View2019-04-08
BirdsGolden-crowned SparrowSparrow in non-breeding plumage0:36View2019-04-05
BirdsRed-winged BlackbirdFemale with nesting material1:28View2019-04-05
BirdsAmerican WigeonWell-fed wigeon M and F before migration north0:55View2019-04-01
BirdsNight HeronJuvenile hunting on rocks1:16View2019-03-29
BirdsSurfbirdSurfbird with Black Turnstones feeding0:42View2019-03-29
BirdsBlack TurnstonesFeeding on barnacles0:54View2019-03-29
BirdsSpotted SandpiperSandpiper holding almost still0:48View2019-03-28
BirdsRed-tailed HawkJuvenile kiting0:55View2019-03-24
MammalsBlack-tailed JackrabbitFeeding in grass0:30View2019-03-20
AstronomyMoonSupermoon on Vernal Equinox1:00View2019-03-20
ManagementMowingMowing tall vegetation in mid-March1:09View2019-03-19
MammalsRiver OtterOtter feeding and swimming in North Basin2:21View2019-03-19
BirdsAnna's HummingbirdAnna's spreading its tailfeathers0:12View2019-03-18
MammalsGround SquirrelSquirrel in bush resembles bird0:32View2019-03-18
BirdsGreat Blue HeronHeron preening and flying away0:20View2019-03-17
BirdsMarbled GodwitInjured bird (leg below knee) manages to feed1:40View2019-03-17
BirdsRed-winged BlackbirdMales displaying early in season0:16View2019-03-15
BirdsWhite-tailed KiteKite hovering then diving, catching mole1:33View2019-03-15
BirdsAnna's HummingbirdPerched on bush, takes short flight1:09View2019-03-14
BirdsGreat EgretStalks through tall vegetation then takes flight1:03View2019-03-13
BirdsSong SparrowMale singing on top of bush0:40View2019-03-12
BirdsBurrowing OwlNorth owl on 3/11/191:00View2019-03-11
BirdsBurrowing OwlNorth owl on 3/10/191:02View2019-03-10
BirdsTurkey VulturesPair of vultures perched1:40View2019-03-08
BirdsBurrowing OwlNorth owl in rain 3/6/191:00View2019-03-06
BirdsHouse FinchMale on branch0:16View2019-03-03
BirdsBurrowing OwlSplit screen of north and east owls1:00View2019-03-03
BirdsBurrowing OwlNorth owl and sound track of park visitors viewing it2:43View2019-03-02
BirdsCommon LoonLoon preening in calm water1:00View2019-03-01
BirdsHawk & KiteKite dive-bombs Hawk in tree1:46View2019-02-28
BirdsBurrowing OwlEast owl reacts to loose dog (split screen)1:06View2019-02-28
BirdsBurrowing OwlEast owl head rotations per minute timed1:00View2019-02-27
BirdsWestern GrebeGrebe waves hind leg in the air0:18View2019-02-27
BirdsBurrowing OwlNorth owl registers high rate of head movements1:00View2019-02-25
BirdsBurrowing OwlPark visitors express delight at viewing owl1:19View2019-02-24
BirdsBurrowing OwlPark visitors carelessly allow loose dog near owl0:38View2019-02-24
BirdsGreater ScaupScap asleep on calm water0:25View2019-02-23
BirdsBurrowing OwlNorth owl head RPM reaches 300:59View2019-02-22
BirdsBurrowing OwlEast owl standing in brisk wind1:00View2019-02-21
BirdsHouse FinchDense flock of finches on bushes0:34View2019-02-20
BirdsBurrowing OwlEast owl sitting calmly on windy day1:00View2019-02-18
BirdsBurrowing OwlNorth owl head rotations counted per minute1:00View2019-02-17
BirdsBurrowing OwlOwl stretches, confronts squirrel, coughs up pellet0:41View2019-02-17
BirdsCommon GoldeneyeMale swimming on agitated water0:31View2019-02-17
BirdsCanada GooseGoose posing, preening on land0:27View2019-02-17
BirdsBurrowing OwlEast owl scurries to its hideaway in the rocks0:35View2019-02-16
BirdsBurrowing OwlOwl sits exposed to heavy rain1:56View2019-02-13
MammalsBrown RatRat sniffs infrared camera in night shot0:08View2019-02-11
BirdsBurrowing OwlOff-leash dog flushes owl, tracks it as it flies0:34View2019-02-11
BirdsBurrowing OwlSlow motion video of owl activities2:27View2019-02-11
BirdsBurrowing OwlNorth owl in extended preening operation8:07View2019-02-11
BirdsWhite-crowned SparrowSparrow basks in morning sun0:53View2019-02-10
BirdsBurrowing OwlOwl confronts ground squirrel but is ignored1:22View2019-02-05
ManagementOff-leash DogsFeature about off-leash dogs in park3:42View2019-02-04
BirdsHorned GrebeLarge number of grebes on water0:45View2019-02-04
BirdsBurrowing OwlEast owl with only head visible in brisk wind1:00View2019-02-04
BirdsRuddy DucksAbout a dozen ducks, mostly sleeping0:51View2019-02-03
BirdsBurrowing OwlNorth owl in a rain shower1:00View2019-02-03
BirdsBurrowing OwlEast owl rises out of burrow into rain shower3:02View2019-02-02
BirdsBufflehadFemale rolls over in water to preen belly0:50View2019-01-30
MammalsBlack-tailed JackrabbitFeeding and preening in grass, then leaving1:26View2019-01-29
MammalsGopherGopher sticks head out of hole in sunshine0:39View2019-01-29
BirdsSpotted SandpiperBird stands still, contrary to usual frantic activity1:00View2019-01-29
ManagementOff leash dogsDogs invade usual Burrowing Owl habitat1:10View2019-01-28
BirdsBurrowing OwlNorth owl stands still with waves in background1:14View2019-01-27
BirdsBurrowing OwlEast owl poops, then goes to its hideaway0:34View2019-01-24
BirdsWigeon & CootBirds feed on algae growing on rocks1:31View2019-01-23
BirdsBurrowing OwlEast Owl confronts squirrel, stretches, poops, takes shelter1:23View2019-01-23
BirdsBurrowing OwlNorth Owl stretches and preens1:00View2019-01-23
BirdsBurrowing OwlNorth Owl charms visitors in English and Spanish1:00View2019-01-23
BirdsTurkey VultureFlies over Burrowing Owl area1:03View2019-01-23
BirdsMarbled GodwitInjured bird (leg below knee) can't scratch0:07View2019-01-23
MammalsBlack-tailed JackrabbitHare feeds in grass, then scampers off0:43View2019-01-23
BirdsAmerican CootI'm a Coot and I'm misunderstood (feature)1:24View2019-01-22
BirdsBurrowing OwlEast Owl and North Owl at rest0:51View2019-01-22
BirdsCommon GoldeneyeSolo bird swims0:20View2019-01-19
BirdsBurrowing OwlEast Owl preening, confronts squirrel, stretches, yawns7:18View2019-01-19
BirdsBurrowing OwlNorth Owl alert0:46View2019-01-18
BirdsGreater ScaupSmall flock remains in January0:18View2019-01-17
WeatherSchoolhouse CreekHeavy rains increase creek flow0:33View2019-01-16
BirdsBurrowing OwlOwls stand out in heavy rainfall0:23View2019-01-15
BirdsBurrowing OwlNorth Owl back in its customary spot0:29View2019-01-14
BirdsBurrowing OwlEast owl in new hiding place0:27View2019-01-14
BirdsBurrowing OwlLong zoom shot to bird's position0:13View2019-01-12
BirdsRed-winged BlackbirdMales displaying in January1:42View2019-01-12
BirdsBurrowing OwlEast Owl at different times in the morning0:28View2019-01-11
BirdsGreat EgretBird stalks prey in dense fog1:57View2019-01-10
BirdsBurrowing OwlNorth owl tolerates cold and drizzle0:35View2019-01-08
BirdsBurrowing OwlEast owl appears snug despite cold and drizzle0:38View2019-01-08
BirdsBurrowing OwlEast Owl resumes position below big rock1:49View2019-01-07
BirdsGreater ScaupModest raft of Scaup appears in January0:38View2019-01-07
BirdsBurrowing OwlPark visitor expresses appreciation for owl0:42View2019-01-07
BirdsBurrowing OwlLong zoom shots to east owl position0:27View2019-01-05
BirdsBurrowing OwlEast Owl moves to spot where it blends in0:38View2019-01-05
BirdsBurrowing OwlNorth Owl in its usual spot0:34View2019-01-05
BirdsBurrowing OwlEast owl takes new spot0:55View2019-01-05
BirdsBurrowing OwlNorth Owl sleepy at noon0:36View2019-01-05
BirdsCooper's HawkJuvenile hawk on post1:31View2018-12-30
BirdsBurrowing OwlVisitors remark on seeing owl2:16View2018-12-30
BirdsBurrowing OwlEast owl comes out and takes sun0:48View2018-12-30
BirdsLesser YellowlegsWading on mud flat1:01View2018-12-28
BirdsBurrowing OwlNorth owl preens neck0:40View2018-12-28
BirdsBurrowing OwlIn rough wind, owl finds shelter1:00View2018-12-28
BirdsAmerican WigeonWigeons return in much reduced numbers1:02View2018-12-27
BirdsBlack OystercatcherFeeds on clams and mussels2:16View2018-12-27
BirdsDuck, EgretSlow motion take of duck charging egret 1:00View2018-12-27
BirdsDuck, EgretDuck charges egret2:03View2018-12-27
BirdsMallardsMallards feed with bottoms up0:50View2018-12-27
BirdsMarbled GodwitInjured Godwit forages and feeds 0:41View2018-12-25
BirdsBurrowing OwlDozens of park visitors view owl5:13View2018-12-23
AstronomyWinter SolsticeSpectacular sunset and extreme low tide 3:48View2018-12-23
BirdsAmerican AvocetsSmall flock advances feeding on mudflats1:08View2018-12-22
BirdsBurrowing OwlNorth owl in the morning of Winter Solstice2:31View2018-12-22
AstronomyWinter SolsticeSunset and full moon0:24View2018-12-21
FishSkateFisher hooks and releases large skate after struggle1:04View2018-12-20
BirdsBurrowing OwlOff leash dog stresses north owl1:38View2018-12-19
BirdsTurkey VultureVulture on land spreads wings in the sun0:19View2018-12-18
BirdsAmerican PipitPipit foraging on ground0:46View2018-12-18
BirdsBurrowing OwlEast owl returns to its spot in the rocks0:28View2018-12-18
BirdsWhite-crowned SparrowsBirds feeding after rain0:55View2018-12-18
BirdsBrown PelicanSlow-motion take of pelican taking off from water1:20View2018-12-15
BirdsGreater ScaupScaup penetrate deep into North Basin1:50View2018-12-15
BirdsBurrowing OwlOwl and ground squirrel ignore one another1:20View2018-12-13
BirdsCommon GoldeneyeFirst Goldeneye seen in the winter season0:30View2018-12-13
BirdsBurrowing OwlFirst image of owl on north side rocks1:52View2018-12-11
BirdsHorned GrebeHorned Grebe on calm water1:21View2018-12-09
BirdsWhite-crowned SparrowSparrow feeding on ground in morning dew1:18View2018-12-09
BirdsGreater ScaupLarge number of scaup take flight2:08View2018-12-08
BirdsGreater ScaupScaup in great numbers on North Basin0:49View2018-12-08
BirdsRed-throated LoonLoon in winter plumage0:36View2018-12-08
ManagementFlooding at high tideGap in seawall allows flooding0:45View2018-12-08
BirdsBurrowing OwlOwl first seen yesterday is back in same spot0:47View2018-12-07
BirdsBurrowing OwlFirst view of owl roosting in rip-rap out of sight1:32View2018-12-06
BirdsGreater YellowlegsForaging on mudflats0:31View2018-12-05
BirdsHerring Gullfeeding on carcass of other bird0:23View2018-12-04
BirdsPied-billed GrebeGrebe in winter plumage, rarely seen here0:29View2018-12-04
BirdsBurrowing OwlOwl on cold and windy day0:43View2018-12-04
BirdsGreater ScaupScaup arrive in numbers0:33View2018-12-02
BirdsBurrowing OwlNew owl appears on north side1:06View2018-11-30
BirdsPelagic CormorantCormorant swimming close to shore0:37View2018-11-30
WeatherRainbowRainbow on north side0:11View2018-11-29
BirdsGreat Blue HeronHeron stands still, then takes wing0:48View2018-11-29
BirdsRock PigeonCheckered or pied pattern0:48View2018-11-28
BirdsBuffleheadSynchronized diving0:16View2018-11-26
BirdsBuffleheadMales in frantic courtship displays2:53View2018-11-25
BirdsBurrowing OwlOwl almost invisible in heavy fog1:14View2018-11-25
BirdsLesser GoldfinchFinches feeding in northside fennel0:12View2018-11-24
BirdsRuddy DucksDucks arrive in small numbers, show activity0:41View2018-11-24
WeatherRainbowFaint rainbow in fog0:15View2018-11-24
BirdsSpotted SandpiperSandpiper showing faint spots0:36View2018-11-11
BirdsWilletAt sunrise, Willet preens and feeds1:45View2018-11-11
BirdsCormorantsDouble-crested and Pelagic Cormorants active in North Basin2:34View2018-11-10
BirdsHouse FinchPair of finches feeding1:05View2018-11-10
BirdsGreat BlueHeron stalking almost motionless1:32View2018-11-10
BirdsGreat EgretEgret catches fish and takes time preparing it for swallowing3:29View2018-11-10
ManagementLandfill Gas FlareExhaust from flare station is visible0:22View2018-11-06
BirdsBrown PelicanSlow motion of pelican shaking feathers0:32View2018-11-06
BirdsBurrowing OwlOwl sighting No. 6, on north side0:46View2018-11-06
BirdsBrown PelicanSlow motion of three pelicans in flight3:53View2018-11-02
BirdsWestern MeadowlarkMeadowlark foraging on lawn0:27View2018-11-01
BirdsWestern GrebeOne grebe pestering another2:18View2018-10-31
BirdsBurrowing OwlOwl in its second week of residence1:07View2018-10-29
BirdsBurrowing OwlOwl on stone for sixth consecutive day3:22View2018-10-27
BirdsBurrowing OwlOwl on stone for fifth day7:16View2018-10-26
BirdsBurrowing OwlOwl well camouflaged0:19View2018-10-24
BirdsBurrowing OwlZoom shot to show how well owl is concealed0:13View2018-10-23
BirdsBurrowing OwlOwl returns to stone on north side0:32View2018-10-23
BirdsSay's PhoebeBird dips into water0:28View2018-10-23
BirdsSay's PhoebeSlow motion of bird dipping into water0:44View2018-10-23
BirdsBuffleheadRaft of Bufflehead open migration season1:04View2018-10-23
BirdsBurrowing OwlFourth owl to visit, seen preening etc.3:03View2018-10-21
BirdsBurrowing OwlOwl shows alarm at off leash dog0:40View2018-10-19
MammalsHarbor SealSeal surfaces in shallow waters0:26View2018-10-17
BirdsCooper's HawkJuvenile flying low in Burrowing Owl area0:12View2018-10-17
BirdsBurrowing OwlWhat disturbs a burrowing owl? 5:21View2018-10-17
BirdsBurrowing OwlTime lapse of Burrowing Owl (20 mins)1:01View2018-10-16
BirdsBurrowing OwlThirty minutes of Burrowing Owl30:00View2018-10-16
BirdsLong-billed CurlewCurlew foraging on mud flats0:48View2018-10-14
BirdsWhite-crowned SparrowSparrow feeding in fennel0:32View2018-10-14
BirdsBuffleheadFemale Bufflehead that did not migrate1:02View2018-10-14
BirdsCalifornia TowheeTowhee quiet on bush0:20View2018-10-11
BirdsBurrowing OwlOwl seen in morning moved to sheltered spot6:01View2018-10-09
BirdsBurrowing OwlOwl posts itself in fennel outside reserved area18:47View2018-10-09
BirdsBurrowing OwlTime lapse of owl0:35View2018-10-09
BirdsSpotless SandpiperSpotted Sandpiper without spots1:14View2018-10-06
BirdsBlack OystercatchersTheir characteristic sounds identify them0:46View2018-10-06
BirdsHerring GullJuvenile gull pesters adult gull0:55View2018-10-01
BirdsMallardHandful of resident mallards plus guests0:27View2018-10-01
BirdsDouble-crested CormorantCormorant beating its wings on a cold day0:31View2018-10-01
BirdsAmerican CrowCrow foraging in mudflats like a shorebird1:09View2018-10-01
BirdsRed-winged BlackbirdsScores of blackbirds return to fennel0:53View2018-09-27
BirdsMarbled GodwitGodwit plunges whole head into mud0:40View2018-09-27
BirdsDouble-crested CormorantA gulp of cormorants cruises shoreline0:54View2018-09-27
BirdsKilldeerSolo Killdeer foraging on mudflat1:23View2018-09-27
BirdsGreat Blue HeronUnusually dark heron visits park0:45View2018-08-13
BirdsNight HeronDark-crowned Night Heron in rocks by owl preserve0:44View2018-08-13
BirdsBrown PelicanMore than one hundred pelicans gather3:38View2018-08-13
BirdsBrown PelicansBrown Pelicans gather by the dozen2:06View2018-08-12
BirdsMarbled GodwitsThree godwits who did not migrate1:18View2018-08-12
BirdsGreater YellowlegsYellowlegs here in August0:37View2018-08-12
BirdsSnowy EgretEgret hunts by stirring water with feet1:56View2018-08-12
BirdsGreat + Snowy EgretGreat and Snowy Egrets keep company1:44View2018-08-12
BirdsHouse FinchFinches in blackberry bush0:46View2018-08-11
BirdsAmerican CootCoots feeding 0:39View2018-08-10
BirdsBuffleheadFemale did not migrate0:34View2018-08-09
BirdsBlack PhoebePhoebe on rocks on east shore of park0:18View2018-08-03
BirdsRock PigeonsFlock of 16 birds descends on park1:04View2018-08-03
BirdsTurnstones, WilletsBlack Turnstones feeding with Willets1:15View2018-08-02
BirdsBrewer's BlackbirdBlackbird in fennel0:31View2018-08-02
BirdsSnowy EgretEgret catches, processes big fish3:43View2018-07-31
BirdsWhite-tailed KitesJuveniles and parents4:02View2018-07-25
BirdsBlack PhoebePhoebe on fence0:24View2018-07-25
BirdsAmerican GoldfinchFinch in breeding plumage0:34View2018-07-25
BirdsClark's GrebePreening0:41View2018-07-19
BirdsBrown PelicanMore than 50 pelicans assemble1;36View2018-07-17
BirdsEgret, othersSnowy Egret, Willet, Black Oystercatcher 2:15View2018-07-09
MammalsSkunkBig skunk on west side of park0:21View2018-07-05
BirdsGreater ScaupFemale that did not migrate1:01View2018-06-26
BirdsBuffleheadFemale that did not migrate0:56View2018-06-26
HerpsGopher SnakeGopher snake on kite lawn0:40View2018-06-14
BirdsBlack OystercatchersPair of oystercatchers foraging1:46View2018-06-10
BirdsSong SparrowMale singing1:19View2018-06-10
BirdsGreat EgretEgret stalks, takes small prey0:38View2018-06-10
BirdsBrown PelicanNumbers of pelicans gather4:16View2018-06-08
BirdsGreat Blue HeronVery large, dark heron visits park1:29View2018-05-25
BirdsDouble-crested CormorantCormorant on North Basin0:15View2018-05-25
BirdsHorned GrebeMale in breeding plumage0:24View2018-05-18
BirdsSpotted SandpiperSandpiper's spots are visible now):11View2018-05-15
BirdsSanderlingSanderlings foraging0:45View2018-05-15
BirdsGreat Blue HeronHeron in shallow water1:28View2018-05-11
BirdsAnna's HummingbirdBird on branch0:52View2018-05-11
BirdsWhite-crowned SparrowSparrow with white and yellow markings0:26View2018-04-28
BirdsHouse FinchFinch on branch0:28View2018-04-14
BirdsNight HeronBlack-crowned Night Heron stalking1:04View2018-04-14
BirdsMallardMallards showing their blue wing feathers (speculum)0:37View2018-04-14
BirdsRed-winged BlackbirdsBlackbirds active and noisy1:34View2018-03-25
BirdsBlack TurnstoneTurnstones foraging0:46View2018-03-25
BirdsGolden-crowned SparrowsSparrows enjoying varied diet0:57View2018-03-22
BirdsWillets, GodwitString 17 Willets with one Marbled Godwit0:17View2018-03-22
Mammals Sea LionSea Lion shows head briefly on north side1:08View2018-03-22
BirdsClark's GrebePreening0:29View2018-03-22
BirdsPelagic CormorantCormorant taking morning bath0:31View2018-03-22
BirdsWild TurkeysFlock of wild turkeys in the park0:25View2018-03-20
BirdsRed-winged BlackbirdsBreeding season has begun 0:28View2018-03-20
BirdsDouble-crested CormorantsA gulp of cormorants swimming south0:18View2018-03-20
Weather CloudsSpectacular clouds over Bay0:46View2018-03-17
BirdsSavannah SparrowSparrow preening0:24View2018-03-17
BirdsRed-winged BlackbirdsMales displaying as breeding season starts0:23View2018-03-17
MammalsBlack-tailed JackrabbitFeeding and grooming in grassy area1:53View2018-03-07
BirdsGreen-winged TealPair of teals dabbling0:34View2018-03-05
BirdsBlack OystercatcherOystercatchers getting breakfast0:24View2018-03-05
BirdsWestern GrebeGrebe resting0:30View2018-03-05
BirdsLong-billed CurlewCurlew foraging on mudflat0:35View2018-03-05
ManagementForestryCrew cleaning up fallen tree0:31View2018-03-02
BirdsSpotted SandpiperSandpiper after hailstorm0:10View2018-03-02
WeatherHailstormRare hailstorm pelts the park1:16View2018-03-02
BirdsRed-tailed HawkHawk hovering in westerly wind0:28View2018-03-01
BirdsSpotted SandpiperSandpiper active in cold weather0:24View2018-02-19
Birds VariousFeature on bird varieties on North Basin14:30View2018-02-12
BirdsTurkey VultureVulture flies close to shoreline0:28View2018-02-07
BirdsGolden-crowned SparrowSparrow feeding on Curly Dock0:20View2018-01-31
BirdsRed-winged BlackbirdsMales arriving weeks before females0:50View2018-01-29
BirdsGreater YellowlegsYellowlegs moving fast over mudlfats0:55View2018-01-28
BirdsMarbled GodwitGodwit stitches mud at high speed0:52View2018-01-28
MammalsGround SquirrelSquirrel eating Bristly Oxtongue weed0:46View2018-01-28
BirdsGreat, Snowy EgretGreat and Snowy Egrets gather1:15View2018-01-27
AstronomySunsetTime lapse exposure of sunset0:17View2018-01-27
BirdsEurasian WigeonEurasian wigeon with flock of American W.0:29View2018-01-26
BirdsNorthern HarrierRaptor resting0:20View2018-01-19
BirdsGreat EgretEgret stalking on land0:47View2018-01-19
BirdsAmerican CootCoots on fresh grass 0:21View2018-01-19
ManagementKing Tide Time lapse of flooding at high tide0:04View2018-01-01
ManagementKing TideBreach in sea wall allows flooding of path0:37View2017-12-31
BirdsGreater ScaupPanorama of numerous scaup1:03View2017-12-15
BirdsGreater ScaupNumerous scaup on North Basin0:47View2017-12-12
BirdsPelagic CormorantsPair of cormorants copying each other1:35View2017-11-02
BirdsSpotted SandpiperSandpiper foraging0:30View2017-11-01
BirdsBlack TurnstoneTurnstones foraging0:35View2017-11-01
ManagementFlare StationExhaust visible against full moon1:05View2017-10-06
ManagementHelicopterCoast Guard helicopter hauled away after crash2:05View2017-05-21
ManagementFlare StationNew flare station in operation0:30View2017-05-07
ManagementStreet RepairCrew patches potholes on Spinnaker Way0:17View2017-04-23
ManagementRestroomsRestroom issue at Berkeley City Council3:18View2017-04-06
BirdsDouble-crested CormorantCormorant catches big fish0:16View2017-01-31
BirdsMallardFemale Mallard fights off plastic collar0:36View2017-01-05
BirdsWhite-tailed KiteKite hovers0:06View2016-12-31
BirdsRed-shouldered HawkHawk perches, vocalizes0:33View2016-12-14
BirdsAmerican CootKing Tide brings Coots on path0:54View2016-12-14
BirdsBlack OystercatchersFive oystercatchers gather, vocalize2:58View2016-08-11
BirdsRed-throated LoonLoon in breeding plumage4:26View2016-08-11
Management Flare StationDemolition of old flare station, second day28:29View2016-08-10
ManagementFlare StationTime lapse of demolition, day 22:31View2016-08-10
ManagementFlare StationDemolition of old flare station, day 117:45View2016-08-08
BirdsWhite PelicanAmerican White Pelican on North Basin0:50View2016-08-01
BirdsRed-winged BlackbirdFemale is rebuffed by others2:01View2016-05-28
BirdsRed-winged BlackbirdsTwo chicks in nest cry, two eggs not yet hatched0:15View2016-05-28
BirdsGreater ScaupScaup diving in rough waters1:11View2016-03-14
BirdsAmerican CootCoot in numbers feeding at low tide0:32View2016-01-26
ManagementFlare StationFlare station spits fire1?48View2016-01-10
ManagementRestroomsVisit to new restroom in Lathrop CA0:46View2015-11-02
BirdsGreat Blue HeronHeron catches gopher3:55View2015-04-25
ManagementRestroomsPark visitors opine about porta-potties2:26View2015-04-19
ManagementRestroomsPresent petition to City Council5:27View2015-04-18
BirdsBrewer's BlackbirdBlackbird bathes in dog water bowl0:38View2015-04-16
BirdsSong SparrowSparrow's morning serenade2:59View2015-04-09
BirdsRed-winged BlackbirdBlackbird takes on crow in aerial combat0:46View2015-03-31

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