Can I Sign Too?

At the Chavez Park Conservancy kiosk in the park on Saturday August 6

The petition drive to save Chavez Park from BMASP destruction added 122 ink-on-paper signatures at the Conservancy kiosk in the southeast corner of the park on Saturday August 6. Combined with paper signatures collected previously plus the more than 800 signatures on the online petition, this brings the total to just shy of 1,300 signatures. Conservancy volunteers Susan Black, Virginia Browning, Daniel Borgström, Mary Law, Émilie Keas, and Martin Nicolaus staffed the table. The petition drive continues through September 11, when we’ll have a booth at the Solano Stroll. We’ve now reached a situation where a great many people have heard of the scheme to commercialize the park and are eager to sign the petition. Even dogs, like this sweet pooch in the photo above, want to join in. Still, a significant number of people knew nothing about it; they are surprised and shocked when they hear of it. The kiosk will be open again today, Sunday, from 2 to 6 pm. We also offer bumper stickers and copies of the new Love Letters to the Park book.

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  • Marty–that photo is just precious! Carla : )

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