California Towhee

P1030908 (Custom)Birds have moods when it comes to having their pictures taken.  All too often, they sit there quite still until the photographer begins to focus on them, and then, just a fraction of a second before the shutter clicks, they’re gone.  I think they must sense the infrared rays of the focusing lamp.  Or something.  But when they want their portraits taken, they hold their place and turn this way and that — is my left side better?  did you get the catchlight in my eye?  — like a professional fashion model.  That was the case with this California towhee Wednesday morning.  It posed on a rock at the water’s edge just off the perimeter path on the west side and let me snap away all I wanted.  It’s mostly a dull-colored bird, but note the subtle reddish tones under the tail and at the throat and around the eyes.


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