Buried Goodies

Squirrels are famous for burying acorns and other yummies and then remembering where they are. In this they’re better than I am, and my storage area is only a small kitchen, not an acre or two of dirt. Here’s a ground squirrel (Otospermophilus beecheyi) who either remembered its own or found a relative’s buried goodies, and is taking advantage. A pigeon (Rock Dove) meanders by. The squirrels’ habit of eating with two hands like a human is one of the charming traits that endears them to their large fan base.

I filmed this squirrel in the Burrowing Owl Sanctuary on the northeast corner of the park. This is home to a big tribe of these furry creatures, who sometimes drive the owls half crazy, when they’re here. See the video. So far they haven’t arrived, but it’s early yet.

At the end of this little video, the squirrel looks up, listens, takes alarm, and scurries off into hiding. That’s because a big dog, off leash, had invaded the Burrowing Owl Sanctuary and was racing toward the squirrel and me. See the following video. The existing fence around the area just doesn’t work.

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