Bufflehead Solo Still Here

Bufflehead Female in August 2018

The female Bufflehead who declined to migrate north this past spring is alive and well.  A while ago I saw her in the company of the handful of American Coots who hang out near the Open Circle viewpoint.  Today she was perched comfortably on a rock in the company of a small flock of Willets, just north of that viewpoint.  She may be the only bird of her feather here this summer but she is not alone.  She doesn’t look famished or stressed.

I wonder what she will do when her species kinfolk arrive here from the north, where they’ve spent their summer breeding.  And I wonder whether she will stay here again next spring, when the conventional  Bufflehead migrate back north again, or whether this time she’ll join up and fly north with her flock.

Watch this video on YouTube if the embedded version below doesn’t work — YouTube embeds are becoming balky for some reason.

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