Blossoms and Whitecaps

The park has its own climate.  Actually, the park may have different climates within it.  Today was an illustration.  After collecting 70 + more signatures on the Petition for Better Bathrooms, I took a walk.  Along the south side path, flanking Spinnaker Way, a tree was in full bloom, snowy white, making a pretty companion to the verdant hill with its sprinkling of lemongrass.  The air was so pleasant that a shirtless runner attracted no comment.

P1020952 (Custom)

But a few hundred yards to the west, on the Bay shore, a stiff and chill westerly wind whipped the high tide into a froth.  Walkers wore jackets with hoods up.  You could get splashed.

P1030128 (Custom)

P1020981 (Custom)




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