Blitz that Bio!

Screen shot from the iNaturalist Berkeley Marina Project

The City Nature Challenge 2021 is a fun annual friendly competition event sponsored by the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco and the San Diego Natural History Museum. This weekend — the event started Friday and goes through Monday May 3 — the focus is on the Berkeley Marina. What do you do? Local organizer Elizabeth Dougherty of the WhollyH2O group suggests these steps:

  1. Download iNaturalist to your iPhone
  2. Make an account
  3. Take a picture (make sure your location/GPS is on)
  4. Upload picture to iNaturalist (if you don’t know and/or the species suggested doesn’t look right, leave it blank)
  5. Keep making observations
  6. Join us for the ID workshop on May 5th, 7pm (ticket link)

She adds, “There are currently over 5605 observations of nearly 777 species in the Berkeley Marina Project on iNaturalist. Might you see something never observed there before? Or add the 15th image of a well-known water bird? Both are very important. Whether well-known or obscure, we want to see what you see! It helps scientists and naturalists track what species are where and when.”

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