Blackbirds: They’re Here to Stay

The Red-winged Blackbirds are here in force this time.  They’re taking possession of the northwest ridge, where the fennel is thick and tall.  Unless they change their minds again — see this earlier post, and this even earlier one — they’ll be here by the dozens, filling the air with their distinctive cries and whistles.  They’re the only bird that migrates to the park in significant numbers to do its breeding here.  (Most other birds do their breeding elsewhere and come here after they’re done.)  I’ll no doubt have more pix and videos of these birds as they settle in.  They’ll be here till around Summer Solstice.   Meanwhile here’s a scenic shot of four males on fennel tops with the bridge in the background.  And below is another short video anthology of their calls, with better audio because there was almost no wind noise to interfere.

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