Black Phoebe in Pampas Grass

Black Phoebe on west side of park

Two bunches of Pampas Grass stand on the west slope of the park and so far have not taken over the whole hillside, as this invasive grass has sometimes done in other locations.  This afternoon the silky smoothness of this plant provided a picturesque setting for this Black Phoebe.  It’s the first Phoebe I’ve seen on the west side of the park.  There’s at least one other over by the Opening Circle artwork next to the Burrowing Owl preserve, and another down south in front of the hotel.  Phoebes, according to the experts, like to be near water.  They’ll sit on a perch overlooking the water and wait for a flying bug, then make a dash for it and snatch it midair.  They may even grab a minnow out of the water.

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