A Bright Light that Hugs the Ground

Birdsfoot trefoil

The spring blooming time is behind us and the fennel bloom awaits the late summer.  Among the few plants in bloom in this transitional season is this low-growing bright yellow attraction found mostly along path edges.  

Its scientific name is Lotus corniculatus, which makes it a member of the lotus genus, but it’s in the pea family, and its most common name is birdsfoot trefoil.  Wikipedia says that the “birdsfoot” comes from the spidery nature of its early seed pods on their stalk.  

I photographed and wrote about this plant on this blog three years ago, in May and June of 2015.  So you can look up the Wikipedia wisdom there, particularly in the May 2015 post.  I’ll add here a more recent close-up photo, above, plus a shot of this plant growing profusely in low mounds in the nearby Berkeley Meadow, below.  It’s very pretty, and I can see why people choose it as a groundcover in low-irrigation gardens.  

Birdsfoot trefoil growing in the Berkeley Meadow

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