Birdsfoot Flourishing

Birdsfoot Trefoil blooming profusely near Picnic Area No. 1

The Birdsfoot Trefoil plant has been blooming here and there in the park since June, when I last wrote it up.  Now in early August it’s flourishing in the park as never before.  The photo shows how it’s formed bright clusters covering much of the big lawn just north of the picnic area on the west side of the park (see Picnic Area No. 1 on the park map).  This is really good news because this exact area was for several years a marsh.  The standing water is gone now, but the green grass here, compared to the brown grass almost everywhere else, hints at a lingering water source somewhere nearby.  In any event, this bright, cheerful ground cover is happy.

Birdsfoot Trefoil detail


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