Birds are Back

American White Pelicans are among the birds featured in this two-minute video

On Thursday last week I saw a number of birds, including some that I hadn’t seen all summer. I’ve been tardy in posting their images. This two-minute video shows a pair of Black Oystercatchers, a couple of dozen Brown Pelicans in the air, a Double-crested Cormorant waving its wings on the North Basin wreck, a gang of the same on the hunt , a solo Long-billed Curlew, a Willet, a solo Western Sandpiper, one of two Greater Yellowlegs, and a flock of eight American White Pelicans. The Oystercatchers, Curlew, Sandpiper, and Yellowlegs are harbingers of the autumn season.

A few days later I saw more; stay tuned.

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6 thoughts on “Birds are Back

  • Emeryville 9/2/22
    A large gulp of comorants viewed ( double breasted?)
    Fishing at the end of the dock.
    They stayed very active for a long time.
    Fascinating to watch!

  • We could become a nature example of how to be more earth friendly and keep our birds Happy. Guess the word got out to them and they are coming to celebrate. We should have a park party to celebrate Chave Park saved from the developers. We could try compost toilets and save our precious fresh mountain water. There are lots of composite toilet choices on line. Whatever became of the idea to rejoin McLaughlin State Park? Seems like the State Senators and Federal Senators are more communicative than our Berkeley Council members , who don’t want in person meetings, even if on line meetings also continue(hybrid). We go on airplanes without masks and everywhere else, we could ask for masks and vax cards to come in-person to council meetings. Covid is not a reason not to allow in person, seems just not a thing? Maybe on line gives the Council a greater sense of control over the democratic process. I think it makes our process autocratic when they is not right to assemble except individually separately and not as a body politic. I think Chavez Park is less safe with just this development withdrawn statement than if we had a long range plan and the State Park System might guard Chavez Park more naturally than the Berkeley City Council.

  • For the sake of wildlife use earth friendly materials; especially for the birds at Chavez Park it seems like we could put the most nature friendly re surfacing material on the perimeter if you insist on changing it. It feels wide enough to me and if you make it much wider the paths will feel like roads.? Asphalt resurfacing breaks down and gets into the soil and plants and blows into the water and gets into the fish . Asphalt supports big oil. It kills the fish and the birds. The edges chip off. I’ve seen this happen recently in Tahoe. Earth friendly path/roadway materials are available. Can we use those?

  • great photos and thanks for sharing and putting the bird names on the photos! I guess the birds know we won , too!

  • What camera do you use to film these birds? It produces very high quality movies! I love watching them!!


  • Does the “red tide” affect the shore birds food sources?

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