Big Pods

House Finch female (Haemorhous mexicanus)

Grabbing one of those big fat seed pods turned out to be more frustrating than it was worth for this House Finch female. After several attempts, each time dropping it, she gave it up and flew off. There’s plenty of other seeds all around. The male had better luck, at least at the beginning. What happened after he flew away with this Churchill-sized cigar pod, we don’t know. The plant is likely a wild radish. The pod is big but the seeds inside are quite small and may not be worth the trouble.

House Finch female (Haemorhous mexicanus)

House Finch male (Haemorhous mexicanus)

About the House Finch: Cornell Audubon Wikipedia In Chavez Park

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One thought on “Big Pods

  • In a BerkeleySide article,, one person is quoted to opine that “People see weeds, I see food waste. There’s just tons and tons of food available if you learn to recognize it.”

    Those House Finches and many other wildlife species would argue that those “weeds” are NOT “food waste” but are desired and critical foods for wildlife, both as directly-ingested food and indirectly through the varied roles those weeds play in sustaining the (even urban-)wild ecosystem.

    People –too many people– don’t see these ecological systems; instead, they see “waste” and use that notion to justify their ever-more taking (not “harvesting”) of Nature.

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