Big Ones

Fisherman holds up striper estimated at 6 to 7 lbs
Ray fought hard before fisherman hauled it in. Moments later it was released.

Fishers had moments of luck this morning along the west side of the park.  Fish, not so much.  A family group fishing with multiple rods not far from the parking circle landed a six to seven pound striper as I watched.  A short time later, a solo fisher on the northwest corner hooked and then released a bat ray that may have measured two feet from wing to wing.

Since the city closed the Berkeley fishing pier in 2015, the number of people fishing in the park seems to have grown year by year.  I urged the City Council that year to waive the fishing license requirement for the park while the pier remains shut.  Fishing licenses were not required at the pier.  Council has not acted, but no enforcement has taken place either, to my knowledge.

Most fisherpeople are cool with the environment.  They leave no fish line and carry out all their trash.  A few are thoughtless and give the rest an undeserved bad name.

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