Big Cannabi$ and the Tuskegee Experiment

The proposed cannabis event is looking so evil that its backers on city council have taken refuge in the “experiment” dodge. The vote is scheduled for Tuesday April 2.

The event would set up an eight foot high barbed wire fence across the whole park. Tickets would cost $60 for the cheap seats and $420 for the VIP treatment. IDs would supposedly be checked at the gates. There would be no road checkpoints for stoned drivers leaving the event. That is Standard Operating Procedure for the three-day Cannabis Cup events that High Times magazine has held the past few years at commercial event spaces like county fairgrounds. Berkeley’s parks would be a lot cheaper for the investors.

To make this political atrocity palatable, backers are saying it would only be on a “trial basis” and we should be “open minded.” After a year, the City Manager would review it and determine whether it should continue.

In the early 1930s, a division of the US Public Health service started an experiment at Tuskegee Institute involving hundreds of African-American men to see what happened to men who had syphilis. This notorious trial violated fundamental canons of medical ethics. There was no good reason to do it in the first place, and it only got worse as it continued.

Cesar Chavez Park is a vibrant outdoor space, with a rich and diverse community of flora and fauna. People from all over the world gather here to enjoy the smoke-free fresh air, the views, and the friendly interactions. It’s a family place. It’s peaceful, inclusive, and interesting. Being here makes people happy without the need of chemical stimulants.

Building a fence, charging pricey admission, locking everybody else out for three days, promoting smoking, and putting people into a drugged space, all for the greater profit of Big Cannabi$, is not the proper business of a public park. That kind of high-pressure commercial drug promotion belongs in a commercial space, where people can go if they want it.

City council members who push for this “trial” crap should be honest and just admit that they want Big Cannabi$ donations at their re-election campaigns, and they don’t give a damn for the parks or for the people who visit them. Berkeley park visitors will not forget or forgive. I personally pledge that not one penny of my money or one minute of my time will go to re-elect any council member who votes for this Cannabi$ edition of the Tuskegee experiment.

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4 thoughts on “Big Cannabi$ and the Tuskegee Experiment

  • this has the strong reek of a notoriously piggish dealer in town. someone must be paying the council off, it smells of corruption? who knows for sure but it is very suspicious. it’s about big bucks and there are cleaner and less noxious ways to make money in Berkeley!
    also, does the city REALLY want to run the risk of an ADA lawsuit, or other lawsuits? Because there will almost certainly be some fatalities or serious injuries with stoned drivers leaving the event, where pedestrians are walking, not to mention stoners driving all over town that weekend. I doubt the pot smoking will stop at the park, hotels, motels, other public spaces will be crowded with people and noxious smoke.
    Not everyone wants it in their face and there is little pot smoking or vaping etiquette these days. People need to learn manners again.
    CCPark is not meant to be an event space and never was. Huge amounts of Federal monies were allotted and the deal was to keep it a Non smoking public park. Not to change zoning mid – stream, which this would certainly do. Wake up Berkeley and speak up! the next park could be your neighborhood park and I fear this could happen nationally, where public parks become zoned for smoke like in 1950. I thought we did not want to return to the dark ages, esp after this last election? but it’s hypocracy now again in Berkeley, home of disability rights and land of clean air. No more adding this travesty to the over development of this current boom town mentality where building construction is on every corner, using the highest VOC products. I am ashamed of what has happened to you, Berkeley. it was Cesar Chavez day yesterday, what a slap in the face to him and the great work he did. I wish he was here to help us with this current madness.

  • NO NO NO
    Stop acting like Berkeley is just for “you” city council members
    this is a community, not a place to “sell out” values of quality of living and clean fresh air
    it is not a community who wants to give away parks to business
    have it at a county fairground, not in Berkeley
    the plan to have cannabis become the new industry in Berkeley is not fair to people who cannot be around smoke, as there will be plenty of that at a huge event like this, it is a hazard
    High times has the rep of being notoriously piggish in their events, along with the selfish types who will attend, there will be so much trash and pot all over the park
    dogs die from ingestions of Cannabis; other animals may too and they make that park their Home!
    people cannot breathe if the park is full of smoke, or the town
    3 days is too long to host any event at a public park; especially something like this
    take it elsewhere, please, this is disgusting!

  • of course this should be stopped! it is unconscionable to be held in a public, tax payer based park! they are amending city code, making this forever a smoking park if this goes through.

    I am disgusted beyond words. SHAME ON THEM ALL, ALL SHOULD BE RE – CALLED ASAP
    This is not a fairgrounds it’s a public park! Big Cannabis $ is taking over public space, paid for my the tax payers and funded by the State and Fed Govt at the tune of $800,000.00 and that was many years ago, this land is worth in the millions now and it is not for sale to Corporate or non corp Cannabis business.

    I will never support any of them again, either and Rashi should be truly embarrassed for this is in her district and she promised to make the parks accessible to all – this is breaking ADA and they could surely be sued under Federal law if this is passed. Closing a public park for 3 days, hosting a smoke filled event, having stoned drivers all over town with the high likelihood of pedestrian accidents is unbelievable. what town is this we are living in again?

    it’s racist, on top of everything. So many children of all demographics go there for the clean air, so many kids with asthma live just blocks from this nightmare. There is no concern for the residents of West Berkeley anymore.

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