Better Bathrooms Campaign Tops 500

500The petition campaign for Better Bathrooms at Cesar Chavez Park topped 500 signatures yesterday afternoon on International Women’s Day.  In the warm weather, the plastic porta-potties unleashed their full fragrance and my ironing board just upwind from these palaces of poop sometimes had small mobs waiting to sign.  Among the most enthusiastic signers were people just emerging from the chambers.  Men and women signed, but women wielded the signature pen with special heart.

People signing made four types of comments:

These things are nasty!  They stink.  They’re disgusting.  They expect my kids to go in that?  This is not civilized!  They’re awful.  It’s high time they were replaced.

As a woman, I’m offended.  I won’t go there.  I always go before I come to the Park.  I use the ones in the hotel.  These are nauseating.  There are no bathrooms in this park that a woman can use.

I thought Berkeley was better.  They have decent bathrooms in Oakland, Emeryville, Richmond, practically everywhere.  These are the worst.

Cesar Chavez Park?  How come the park that’s supposed to honor Cesar Chavez only has plastic porta-potties?  Are they doing a re-enactment of what farmworkers have to use in the fields?

The Better Bathrooms petition campaign is the most popular petition campaign I’ve ever been involved in.  The campaign will continue.  At the Wednesday night March 11 meeting of the Parks and Waterfront Commission, I will present copies of the petitions [with the contact information screened out] and request that the Commission make Better Bathrooms at Cesar Chavez Park a priority item.

A PDF copy of the signed petitions, reduced to half size, is attached.  There are additional signatures collected online.  You can sign online at the box near the upper right of the home page of this website.


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