Bathrooms Are Priority for T1 Bond: City Manager

Flush-vault unit installed by National Park Service in Pacifica, replacing two porta-potties

Berkeley’s City Manager Dee Williams-Ridley is on record that addition and replacement of park restrooms is included in the intended priority list for T1 bond expenditures. 

In a report for the City Council action calendar for May 31, 2016, Williams-Ridley outlined the current situation with the city’s infrastructure needs, and listed eight categories of projects included in the $100 million priority list for the proposed bond.  One of these reads:

“Restrooms — Renovations, additions, or restroom replacements in City parks.” 

The City Manager’s priority list clashes with the recent legal analysis of Paul Ferris, Parks Director, who opined at an April 8 2017 hearing that addition of permanent restrooms as replacement for porta-potties in the parks lies outside the permissible scope of T1 bond spending.  

Here is a copy of the document: Report on Infrastructure Bond for City Council Agenda 2016-05-31.  Ferris should be familiar with this document, as it was included in the agenda packet for the June 8, 2016 meeting of the Parks and Waterfront Commission, at which Ferris was present.  

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