Balancing Art

An anonymous artist created nine of these fragile stone sculptures along the east side of the park over the past weekend. The works consist of heavy stones found on site, balanced improbably on their smallest facets. In some cases the sculptor has exactly matched the standing stone to the contours of the base. In others, he or she has inserted pebbles to create the balance, see photo below. The amount of strength, skill and patience involved in creating these works is admirable. Similar sculptures appeared on the north and west sides of the park a couple of weeks earlier. Because the creations are seriously top-heavy and there is no adhesive or other reinforcement to hold them up, they are transitory. A bird lodging on top or a gust of wind will blow them down, not to mention little children with stones. Is there a metaphor here for human existence? If the artist will come forward I would be happy to display their photo and tell their story.

Big stone balanced with the help of a pebble

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