Bahia Rhythm

Los Bahianatos band members play on a cold Monday evening in the park

The park is a magnet for musicians, and rightly so. It’s a beautiful setting and it has lots of friendly people, some of whom show their appreciation with folding green. On this sunny Monday evening, on the western slope just above the kite lawn by the parking circle, four musicians making up Los Bahianatos fought the chill and the breeze with some Latin heat. Bay Area natives, the Bahianatos are channeling a Colombian musical tradition. Some of their sound is inspired by melodies found up and down the Andes mountain range, and some of it has a Caribbean flavor. All of it was a welcome noise in the park. Now that outdoor dining is OK again in Berkeley, at least for a while, maybe some restaurants will book these Bahia rhythm players to warm up their customers.

Here’s a much longer recording of their sound in the park, done by Bahianatos accordion player Chris Reid with his cell phone on site. I’m guessing that a CD or a studio MP3 is in their future.

3 thoughts on “Bahia Rhythm

  • Indeed, the vallenato is one of a wide variety of classic Colombian musical forms. The name of the band, Bahianatos, is clearly a play on (sounds like) the word “vallenato” ;>)

  • Delightful! that was vallenato they were playing, a well-known style of music from Columbia. (see Carlos Vives for one of the most famous musicians in that style)
    I would love to see these guys. They must have been cooolllld! far cry from the warmth of columbia!
    que vivas los musicos!

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