Back from Molt

Mallards after molting, showing their best new plumage

After a month-long molting period in August, this website is back. Daily blog posts at 5 pm will resume tomorrow. Meanwhile, please check out the new feathers:

Favorite photos are now just a button click away. You can view favorite bird photos or zero in on Burrowing Owls, plants, squirrels, or other images taken in or from our scenic park. Click the blue buttons to the right.

Nearly 1,000 park videos are now organized into playlists. There’s a Featured Videos playlist, and then there’s playlists for more than two dozen bird species, plus mammals, herps, marine life, and other topics. You get quick access via the yellow buttons on the right side of the home page or via the Video Index Page. You can view videos individually or you can binge-stream them on YouTube. Did you crave immersion in park wildlife? Here it is. But remember, the text that goes with the videos is in the posts; you’ll find links to the posts in the Video Index page.

The Bird List and the Plant List now have thumbnail images for each line, much nicer, and helpful if you’re trying to identify something. The Plant List now also flags the California natives.

There’s a new list just for Bugs, also with thumbnail images.

The Main Menu has been simplified. “POI” stands for Points of Interest — too long a phrase to fit small screens.

There’s a new page for the Native Plant Area, one of the main POIs in the park.

Links have been added to the menu for more webcams and for other websites of interest.

The page of Memorial Benches is now organized as a photo gallery, much easier to view.

You may also notice numerous smaller changes throughout the site from front to back, in format and content. But, like in a real bird’s molt, there may be gaps. The big detailed park map is gone, due to technical issues with the map app developer. You may find the occasional missing images, dated content, deviated links, or other issues. I’ll be grateful if you point them out, using the Contact form.

2 thoughts on “Back from Molt

  • Amen, sister! And it sounds like you had an intensive work period rather than a vacation. Looking forward to the coming posts — thanks.

  • Marty – you’e a wonder. And a treasure.

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