Autumn Equinox Gathering Sept. 22

It’s almost here — the Autumn Equinox, halfway point between the Summer and Winter Solstices.  To mark the date there’ll be an event at the Cesar Chavez Solar Calendar in the park on Tuesday, September 22, from 6:15 to 7:15 pm.  The sun will set at 7.

The event will feature a mini workshop on the sun, the earth, and the moon and how they relate.  There’ll be a brief cultural celebration of the season.  There’ll be a short discussion of the Cesar Chavez virtue of “Courage.”

Alan Gould of the Lawrence Hall of Science will lead the event, substituting for Rabbi Cooper who will be celebrating Yom Kippur instead.

Note: the Solar Calendar will feature a new sign that includes the solstices and equinox events:



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