Artist Wanted

Portion of Minnesota Conservation Volunteer web page; in the original you can click on a bird to hear its song.

Emilie Keas, a veteran birder and park visitor, sends this web link to a clever page titled “Minnesota Bird Songs.” It features a drawing of songbirds found in the state. When you click on a bird, the page plays a recording of that bird’s typical song. It’s beautiful for eye and ear, and it’s quite useful in learning to identify birds by their melodies.

Putting such a page together for birds of Cesar Chavez Park, or for the Bay Area, requires two ingredients. One: An artist who can do a drawing like the one above, good enough to allow visual identification. Two: A web page programmer who can link the images to the sounds.

Any artist out there willing to do the graphic? That’s the hard part. We’d probably have to limit the scope to the park or to the Bay Area. A graphic with all the songbirds of California could be huge. There’s decisions to be made about inclusion and seasonal plumage. But it could be done.

Once the graphic is done, the web linking is easy. Just a chore requiring persistence.


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