Another Sleepyhead

Just a day after I saw the cormorant fast asleep on a nearby rock opposite the hotel, a Black-crowned Night Heron stood on almost the same rock at about the same hour of the morning.  These stocky herons don’t have the luxury of a neck long enough to tuck between their wings on their back, like cormorants.  They also don’t have conventional mammalian eyelids.  Instead they have the nictitating membrane, a tough, transparent cover that moves across the eye from front to back and protects it.

Standing on one leg, this heron moved not a feather during the minute or three I stood watching and imaging it.  With eyes wide open it snoozed on, ignoring the noisy waking world around it.  I tired of watching it and moved on.  Later, it was gone.  I have not seen it since.

Back-crowned Night Heron

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