Another Rock Rose

P1050257 (Custom) P1050252 (Custom)I saw several new-to-me flowering plants on the edge of the meadow on the west side below the forested ridge yesterday.  Among them is this rock rose.  I saw another rock rose earlier, on April 3 to be exact, behind a bench on the north side of the perimeter path, but that one has now finished blooming.  This one is coming in a bit later.  Shaded by the forested ridge, it only gets afternoon sun. It is a bit surprising that it grows in that location at all.  Comparing it with online photos of other members of the Cistus (rock rose) family, this one looks like a Cistus albidus photographed near Sitges, the popular Spanish vacation town.  The plant is native to the Mediterranean.  It’s available here through nurseries, and chances are that this one, like the one on the north side of the park, was planted by a human.  Thank you, human, whoever you are.


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